Server Farm Realty / Tierpoint Data Center

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AT A GLANCE: Windstream’s Newest Data Center Stands as a Prototypical Example of How Leading Data Center Companies Are Moving from CAPEx to OPEx Models to Build and Finance their Growth

Assessed multiple sites and selected the optimal site for rapid deployment of a scalable robust facility to meet Windstream requirements. Facilitated the transformation of a CAPx project into an OPx solution by bringing in a data center developer to provide project financing. Developed a Master plan for converting the recommended site, a 61,000 SQ FT distribution center, into a data center colocation facility to house three data halls, support areas, meet me rooms, a NOC, conference rooms and offices. Designed and built first 10,000 SQ FT data hall to support 1215kW in a 2N concurrently maintainable configuration.


  • 2 x 2.25MVA standby generators
  • 2 x 2x750kW Parallel UPS systems
  • 3 x 550 ton Chillers
  • 18 x Automatic Transfer Switches
  • 14 x Power Distribution Units


  • Site selection
  • Financing
  • Design & Engineering
  • Construction & Project Management
  • Data Center Equipment
  • Startup & Commissioning

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