Goldman Sachs Decommissioning

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AT A GLANCE: Data Center Decommissioning Project Meets Aggressive Deadline

With only 60 days before a new tenant would be taking possession of 17th and 18th floors of this premier commercial office building in Brooklyn, NY, the entire reaming infrastructure of a 70,000 SQ FT data center previously occupied by Goldman Sachs needed to be entirely removed and returned to clean, raw space for the new tenant

The task was monumental with a myriad of hazardous materials including 279 wet-cell batteries, refrigerant, an FM200 fire suppression system and more all which needed to be safely removed from the facility without impacting critical operations in the building.

DSA Encore restored the space to an empty shell ahead of schedule removing 65,000 lbs of debris, 30 dumpsters of metal, drywall and other building materials, and 40 truckloads of equipment, batteries and other items for disposal or recycling

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