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A Few Words About Us

Simply stated – data centers are our business. We build them, we equip them, we advise our clients when maintaining, designing or selecting them, and at the end of their life, we decommission and restore them.


Because DSA made the decision to be laser-focused on just data centers, we built a business that intersects a carefully selected mix of services with the country’s best data center talent allowing our clients to be totally confident that their expectations will be met or exceeded every time they work with us. DSA’s commitment to exceptional service, doing the right thing – always, and having the most talented people on our project teams has led to a record of over 90% repeat business from our nearly 1,700 clients.

For nearly 40 years, we have provided comprehensive, world-class life cycle solutions for data centers owned or operated by some of the largest and most influential brands in the business. Our extraordinary edge comes from the unique perspective drawn from the synergies between the complimentary services we offer. For example:

A complex field issue is resolved quickly when one of our service techs gets immediate access to spare parts and factory support – including DSA’s in-house engineering resources and our world-class factory and testing facility.

The design team validates service and operability issues before proposing an innovative data center power room arrangement by conferring with our field service organization.

Detailed real-world reliability data, captured and stored using our proprietary technology platform, is used to help our system-integrators make better choices when specifying equipment for a client application.

A client on a tight budget with an aggressive time table to go live with his data center is able to achieve its goals by leveraging DSA’s access to high-quality surplus and remanufactured equipment and the efficiencies of our Design-Build process.

Comprehensive, but not random, each of our offerings reinforces the others. Selected with care, just like our team to give our clients confidence and ensure them that the trust they extend to us is well deserved. Three decades of experience equipping data centers, engineering solutions, and rebuilding equipment - literally from the frame up - has brought our team an intimate knowledge of data center technology that others simply can’t match.


The best of professionals


    As Chairman of DSA Encore, LLC Rudy Kraus draws…


    Steve Friedman is the CEO and Co-Founder of DSA…


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    As Construction Manager, Michael Blanchard works closely with DSA…


    Matthew S. Raio serves as General Manager, Restoration, Asset…


    Skip Napolitano, Director of Decommissioning Asset Recovery, has over…


For nearly forty years, DSA Encore had been providing products and services to the ever-evolving data center industry. DSA is a diversified design-build, equipment and services organization that helps customers scale their mission critical data center businesses.

DSA Encore evolved out of several precursor companies starting with KW Sales which was founded by Bernie Friedman in 1976 to sell power supplies for IBM mainframes at the dawn of the data center industry. KW Sales soon became one of the Northeast’s leading data center infrastructure sales rep firms by focusing on the sale and integration of Piller Rotary UPS systems and associated controls.

Soon after Bernie’s son, Steve, joined the business in 1983, the company was re-organized as Data Support Associates (DSA). Steve expanded the business to include a diversified compliment of data center infrastructure products and also launched, with his partner Rudy Kraus, Data Support Systems to focus on the design and construction of data center facilities. As the business continued to grow, DSA added nearly 20 data center product lines to its portfolio and eventually rolled Data Support Systems – the Design-Build business - into Data Support Associates as a way to deliver to the market a more complete set of end-to-end data center solutions under one brand. By the early 1990’s DSA had become one of the county’s leading data center product sales organizations, a design-builder and a full-range system integrator.

Beginning in 1994, building on a history of innovation, DSA began to “incubate” market leading technologies and services within it New Products Division. This lead to the launch and spin-off of numerous successful businesses such as Harmonics Limited, HorizonLine Technologies, Rubicon Integration, Validus DC Systems to name a few. In addition to these, some of the newly formed companies remained part of DSA’s core business, these included: what would eventually become DSA Mission Critical Services – the company's Service and Preventative Maintenance organization (launched in 1998) and Encore Power and Environmental – the company's surplus and remanufactured equipment business which was launched in 2000.

In 2004, once again to keep clarity of its brand, and in order to emphasize DSA’s end-to-end data center capabilities, Data Support Associates merged with Encore Power and Environmental to become DSA Encore, LLC.

To this day, DSA Encore remains one of North America’s leading integrated end-to-end data center solution businesses by recruiting, training and developing the best talent in the data center industry and never losing sight of our absolute commitment to remaining a responsive, trustworthy, expert, dependable partner that always does the right thing when it comes to customer satisfaction.


DSA Encore took the time to understand our quality requirements and growth strategy. They provided a superior data center solution, which allowed us to deploy an expansion of our Bryan colocation facility on time and within budget. It was a seamless transition from the beginning of the project through to completion.
Bruce Buell Vice President Data Center Operations for Fibertown
The team at DSA Encore did an amazing job on the decommissioning and restoration here at PVH (Warnanco). The work was performed quickly, safely and was completed ahead of schedule. I missed them when they left.
Paul Dagnone PVH